Writing, Research, Proofreading, and Admin services for psychology, mental health, and health professionals

How I can help you and your business?

Content Creation and Management

  • Blog post or article writing:
    • Researching and writing engaging and informative content on topics related to mental health, fitness, nutrition, wellness etc.
  • Social media management:
    • Creating and scheduling informative social media content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote services and engage with followers.
  • Newsletter creation:
    • Designing and writing newsletters to keep clients / subscribers informed about updates, articles, resources, upcoming events, promotions, and tips.
  • Other examples of content includes:
    • Website Copy (About, Services, Landing Page)
    • eBooks (ghost writing)
    • SEO Content
    • Video or Podcast Scripts
    • Video or Podcast Transcription or Captioning
    • Digital courses and guides

Research Services

  • Data Collection:
    • Assisting in collecting quantitative data by sourcing information from online databases, surveys, or public datasets.
    • Organising and compile data into a structured format for analysis.
  • Survey Design and Administration:
    • Creating surveys using online survey platforms.
    • Assisting in distributing surveys to targeted audiences and managing responses.
  • Data Entry and Cleaning:
    • Entering collected data into a spreadsheet or statistical software.
    • Cleaning and organising the data by identifying and correcting errors or inconsistencies.
  • Report Writing:
    • Assisting in drafting sections of quantitative and qualitative research reports, such as the methodology, results, and discussion.
    • Formatting reports according to the specified guidelines.
  • Conducting Online Surveys:
    • Managing the logistics of online surveys, including setting up survey platforms, sending invitations, and monitoring response rates.
    • Summarising and organize survey responses.
  • Database Management:
    • Assisting in managing databases used for quantitative research projects.
    • Ensuring data integrity, security, and accessibility.

Administrative Support

  • Email management:
    • Sorting and responding to emails.
    • Scheduling appointments.
  • Calendar management:
    • Scheduling client appointments, consultations, and meetings.
  • Data entry:
    • Updating client databases, organizing spreadsheets, and maintaining records.


  • Perfecting academic papers, theses, dissertations, journal articles, essays, research reports, blog articles, marketing materials, podcast show notes, and more.
  • Finding and correcting:
    • Typos
    • Grammatical errors
    • Punctuation errors
    • Misspelled words
    • Formatting issues
    • Double words (“the the,” “and and,” etc.)